Michelle Obama is Really a Man


Aside from the terrorist links connected with President Obama and the proof given that he is gay and was a drug dealing male prostitute, it’s been revealed that First Lady Michelle Obama was in fact born as a man.

The narrative has been blanketed on various alternative news outlets on the internet as well as on the radio show of Jeff Rense, a ex-news anchor for KEYT ABC News in Santa Barbara, California, who is now host of the Jeff Rense Program on radio.

Concerning the more convincing theories suggests that Michelle Obama has the physical makeup of a man. If this notion is true, it undoubtedly gives credibility to the remarks many are generating. Here is how the concept of physical makeup is defined, as exhibited in a popular video seen online.

The video is saying that 3 key physical features confirm that Michelle Obama is, genetically speaking, a man. That would imply, if it’s true, she was born as a male and not a female. The video is saying that Michelle Obama has male hands, and exhibits various pictures of her hands, which definitely show her ring finger is longer than her index finger, a crucial identifier of male hands, the video remarks. The theory is that women’s hands will have longer index finger. Exploring my own, they are in accordance to the theory, I have ring fingers on both hands longer than the index fingers.

The video also is saying that men will have wider shoulders, that when a photo of a man is looked at, it is plainly observed that the width of the head is precisely one-third of the width of the shoulders. On photos of women, they show the width of the shoulders is only 2.5 times the width of the head. Photographs of Michelle Obama, as the video exhibits, show you wider shoulders that are 3 times the width of the head, indicating that she is physically a male.

Another measure the video is saying is the height of the head on a human being, and that women are 7 times as tall as the height of their heads whereas men are 8 times as tall as the height of their head. You guessed it, the video exhibits plainly, by photographs of Michelle Obama, that she is 8 times as tall as the height of her head.

If these concepts about the physical proportions of humans are true about males and females, and these are features that can not be modified by plastic surgery, hormone therapy, or manners of dressing and make-up, then the truth of these concepts and the proof shown by the video would seem to indicate that Michelle Obama really is a man.

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